Thursday, November 01, 2007

Morris Pumps Decision Stands, Michigan Supreme Court Denies General Contractor's Application for Review

The Michigan Supreme Court decided yesterday (October 31, 2007) to DENY the general contractor's Application for Leave to Appeal the Michigan Court of Appeals decision in Morris Pumps v Centerline Piping, et al., which had ruled in favor of Morris Pumps and two other suppliers. The matter will be returned to the trial court, which still must conduct a trial on damages.

See, Morris Pumps v Centerline Piping, Inc., et al., 273 Mich App 187; 729 NW2d 898 (2006), lv app denied, 480 Mich 928; 740 NW2d 299 (2007).

UPDATE: The AGC of Michigan's Midweek Briefing for December 12, 2007 includes a story about the Supreme Court's decision not to review the Morris Pumps case.

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