Saturday, April 19, 2008

Michigan Construction Law, Contractor's Guide Available from AGC of Michigan

In 2005, the AGC Legal Advisory Committee published an updated "Contractor's Guide to Michigan Construction Law," which is now available on the AGC of Michigan's website in the Legal Resources section.

The Guide was written by members of the AGC Legal Advisory Committee, and is is divided into 17 Chapters --
  1. The Contract for Construction: Standard Forms and Common Risk Transferring Provisions
  2. Bids, Bidders, and Bid Protests (by Thomas Keranen and Peter Cavanaugh)
  3. Defective Plans/Specifications
  4. Contract Changes/Differing Site Conditions (by Peter Cavanaugh)
  5. Delay in Contract Performance
  6. Remedies for Payment Disputes
  7. Dispute Resolution Mechanisms
  8. Overview of State and Federal Prevailing Wage Law
  9. Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Act (MIOSHA)
  10. Hiring and Terminating Employees in Michigan
  11. Environmental Law: A Brief Overview for the Construction Contractor
  12. Bankruptcy in a Construction Setting
  13. Dealing With the Media and Press in Corporate Crisis Situations
  14. Bonding and Insurance
  15. Subcontractors, Rights and Remedies
  16. Michigan Construction Defect and Mold Litigation
  17. Information Technology and Construction Law

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