Saturday, May 17, 2008

Material Deductions Bill Voted Out of House Tax Policy Committee

AGC of Michigan reports in its May 14, 2008 Midweek Briefing that H.B. 6031, the House version of S.B. 1217, was voted out of committee following testimony by AGC Member, Patrick Cebelak, Controller for Granger Construction.

As noted in an earlier post, S.B. 1217 is designed to correct problems with the Michigan Business Tax as it affects construction contractors.

H.B. 6031 would amend the Michigan Business Tax (MBT) Act to amend the definition of "purchases from other firms" as it applies to general building contractors, heavy construction contractors, and construction special trade contractors that do not qualify for a small business credit under Section 417. For those companies, the definition would apply to "any construction materials or supplies directly purchased by the firm for a construction project." These purchases would, then, not be counted in the gross receipts tax base.

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