Monday, May 24, 2010

LEED Legislation Profiled

The Hilger Hammond firm has posted an article (here) profiling S.B. 1111-1114 (2010), which were introduced in the Michigan Senate earlier this year. This legislation would  amend the Commercial Redevelopment Act (PA 255 of 1978), and would provide financial incentives for construction and renovation projects achieving LEED certification. 


Melissa Dewey Brumback said...

Interesting concept. Here in NC, we recently had a Town purposefully decline to get a new fire station LEED certified, even though it qualified, b/c of the costs.

Melissa Brumback

Ben said...

Peter, thanks for the link!

I'll be interested if the Michigan legislature will give a proposal for tax cuts serious consideration given the current economic climate in our state.

Ben Hammond